Services & Fees

State licensing is recent in the tri-state area. Consumers should make sure that their inspector is state licensed and is also a Certified ASHI Inspector. Click on our link to ASHI to check your inspector’s membership status.

The fees listed below apply to most single family homes under 2,500 square feet, less than 60 years old and within our normal driving range. Depending upon the size, age, location and other criteria there may be additional charges.

Please call our office at (859) 466-5030 for additional information.

Basic Service: $595.00 Whole House Inspection, WDI (Termite) Inspection, Maintenance Evaluation

Comprehensive Service: $745.00 Whole House Inspection, WDI (Termite) Inspection, Thermal/Infrared Screening, Maintenance Evaluation

Comprehensive with Radon: $895.00 Whole House Inspection, WDI (Termite) Inspection, Phone Consultation, Maintenance Evaluation, Maintenance Schedule & Radon Test

Septic System Inspection: $395.00

All other services please call for quote:
In-Process/New Construction, Condo: Interior Only, Multi-Family, Commercial, Single System, Water Quality, Etc