Is there a water problem under that wall? (see next photo)

The floor structure is saturated due to a hidden leak inside the wall.

Is the deck safe? (see next photo)

Immediate hazard! The deck joists are separating from the ledgerboard.

It's a newer home so the insulation should be fine (see next photo)

If you climb all the way up into the attic you can find the missing ceiling insulation.

What's all this I hear about manufactured stone and hidden moisture problems (see next photo)

The floor structure under the stone chimney is completely rotten

Could there be asbestos in my attic? (see next photo)

Zonolite vermiculite attic insulation is a known asbestos concern.

Are there any hidden electrical hazards? (see next photo)

Overheating and damage to the main disconnect breaker presents an immediate safety concern.

It's a condo so we don't have to worry about the exterior right? (see next photo)

Landslides can potentially affect every unit owner


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